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A in Wonderland

A in Wonderland is a kind of self- portrait cycle, introducing an image of a young woman, depicted in an unusual way.  Title Alice is a character guided by emotions, determined, swimming upstream and violating rules of every description, but still having famine features. 

The principle assumption while completing this cycle was breaking an idealized by media canon of a body.The inspiration was found in a contemporary commercial presenting a woman in an unnatural and unrealistic way, who is always beautiful. 

The main character of the cycle is portrayed in a natural way, sometimes even unfavourable when seen by others. 

The entire project can be divided into two stages. The first part of it presents a woman in a real, simply, ordinary way, from time to time even melancholic, while the second part is a world of absurd, teetering on the brink between life and death, reality and magic. Unquestionably a photograph that stands out is the middle one combining both stages. It is an illusion for a viewer, who in a simple way might feel deceived, simultaneously having an opportunity to cross the line and see the other side of the coin. 

An artistic message of A in Wonderland is to put viewers in a state of absurd and illusion. Photographs are supposed to make viewers use overinterpretation and advanced reception. 

The cycle presented by me is a pure, classic photography. A polaroid technique applied by me and imperfection of photographic materials are aimed to highlight a magic character of pictures.

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