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So far, not too bad

"So far, not too bad" is a collection of my personal therapy notes and a diary. Each photo is proof of my "normality". Proof that I am not delusional, that I am sane, but that the reality I try to function in is a skewed reflection of everyone else's reality.
The aim of the project is to show the cognitive dissonance that exists in people with co-dependency syndrome and the inner dialogue between addicts and co-dependents. To show people who live in a never-ending pattern of illusion and denial. They are often unwilling or unable to face the truth because they fear society's judgement and stigmatisation.
The project deals with fear, shame and the moral aspects of exclusion from society. It is hard to say: "I am married to an alcoholic or a drug addict". On the one hand there is the courage, on the other hand the stigma already mentioned.
The project consists of 18 Polaroids, therapy notes and a diary.

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